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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture, considered to be a ground breaking form of technology, is the ability for customers to take control (and the hassle) of depositing checks through the use of smart devices that transmit a scanned picture of the check to their bank account. This technology comes with banks metaphorically turning over their back office function to the customer.

One of the Copper River Groups specialties is providing knowledge of payment systems, including remote deposit capture. Dan M. Fisher has written four books on the topic alone: Capturing Your Customer, Remote Deposit Capture Practical Considerations Volume I, Remote Deposit Capture Practical Considerations Volume II, and Remote Deposit Capture Practical Considerations Volume III.

Technology Planning

Technology is changing at the speed of light. It is hard to keep up, let alone have a firm grip on the trends. Creating an effective strategic plan, that is not only relevant to the market, but also matches your organizational culture. What is often overlooked when creating a strategic plan is a technology plan, which represents the “how to get there plan.” A technology plan is expected of your institution by examiners more often than not as part of the periodic review of the organization. Does your organization have a technology plan? We can help your institution in creating a technology plan that fits your institution.

information technology

IT & Risk Management

Technology is an important part of the foundation of the entire financial industry. From remote deposit capture, online and mobile banking, and e-statements. With every technology solution your organization implements, the risk increases. Some questions your organization should be asking itself are:

  1. How can the internet expose us to additional risks?
  2. What are the increased regulatory expectations of our institution?
  3. Have we created technology standard for our organization?

These and many more questions can be answered by the Copper River Group.

payment options

Payment Options

The list of payment systems that are available today is complex and endless. It includes Check-21, remote deposit capture, ACH, credit and debit cards, stored value cards, payroll cards, person-to-person, and bill-pay. With the list growing, it can be hard to stay up-to-date on what these options can do for your organization.

We also provide consulting and negotiation services for Card Brand Agreements. Call us today to find out how much more you financial institution could be making! We have clients who would be more than happy to share their success story.

CIO, Ready…Go!

Designed by your organization... for your organization.

As part of our consulting services, the Copper River Group offers an on-demand service that can be tailored to your organization. If your organization is in a pinch and needs a Chief Information Officer (CIO) quickly, we can help! The Copper River Group can assist in the creation of a long-term strategic plan or short-term tactical steps. On demand and ready to go!


Need to know the latest trends? Need to update your organization’s technology, but do not know where to start? Give the Copper River Group a call or send us an email. We can assist you on navigating what is necessary for your organization to thrive.

The financial industry is continuously changing and redefining itself. Trends combined with new emerging technologies impact the dynamics of the financial industry on a daily basis. The Copper River Group is available upon request to provide research services on specific topics specified by your organization.

Accounting Practice

Many community financial institutions struggle with maintaining general and basic accounting practices. The Copper River Group can assist in basic accounting training and support for such areas as General Ledger and Reconcilement, along with assistance in creating and implementing procedures.