Liz's Closet

Introducing Liz's Closet

Hi, I’m Liz. I’m a real person who recently graduated from Davies High School.  It’s hard enough to be a student when life is good, can you image how difficult it is if you are hungry or you know you don’t smell good? It is difficult to ask for help or to know who to ask.  At Davies, we had a place for students who had a needs like this or for other basic items to get help and support from others.

Students lacking the basics are not found only in high school, but in middle schools too.  That is why I talked with my dad, the president of The Copper River Group. He believes in my vision to help meet the needs of middle schoolers. 

Liz’s Closet is a place in a school building where students who need items, such as nonperishable food items, general hygiene products, clothing or other items can pick them out quietly and confidentially.  There will be bags available so that their “shopping” is not advertised to the general student body.  Any student in need can come to Liz’s Closet and take what he/she needs – no questions asked. 

A program that serves quietly, supports quietly and loves quietly.


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