Debit Card Profitability & Interchange Income

Controlling and managing your debit card portfolio is paramount to your profitability, and vendor management is key. Debit card interchange for community financial institutions can be one of your most profitable assets if properly set up. Other points of study include:

  • PIN POS Industry network (low interchange rates) volumes are growing and signature volume (high interchange rates) are declining
  • Interchange income is decreasing because more transactions are being routed using the Pinned POS network rails
  • PIN POS networks have expanded their use of PINless debit transaction rules
  • Every network processor requires the issuer to abide by the network rules as a condition of participation in the network

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Pin-less Debit Program Rules

Networks have arbitrarily changed the parameters of transactions that qualify for PIN-less debit routing. Consequently, any transaction that meets the requirements will be switched and settled as a PINned transaction, but more rules are in place:

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Are You Making Less Money on Your Debit Cards Than You Should Be?

Community banks had been relying on non-interest income to help drive earnings, but during 2016 debit card interchange income dropped significantly. Some of the issues surrounding the drop in income included:

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How Your Financial Institution Should Profit From Debit Card Interchange

The debit card has become the retail payment instrument of choice for most consumers. With the implementation of the branded debit card programs such as MasterCard and Visa, the card is accepted just about anywhere.

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The Copper River Group

The Copper River Group are experts in the financial industry, helping community banks and credit unions with:

  • Consulting Services
  • Bank Technology Consulting
  • Debit and Credit Card Portfolio Profitability
  • Debit Card Brand Agreements
  • On-Demand CIO Services
  • Strategic Contract Negotiations
  • Vendor Management

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