Bank Technology Planning

Technology is changing at the speed of light. It is hard to keep up, let alone have a firm grip on the trends. We are credit union and bank technology consulting experts and we know those trends and research technology daily.

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Payment Options

We can help your community bank or credit union optimize its interchange income. AKA, make more money. We provide credit union, and bank consulting and negotiation services for Card Brand Agreements. Click to find out more!

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Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture is almost becoming a requirement in order to stay competitive in the bank and credit union space. Our CEO, Dan M. Fisher, has written four books on this topic alone.

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IT & Risk Management

Technology is an important part of the foundation of the entire financial industry. From remote deposit capture, online and mobile banking, and e-statements. With every technology solution your organization implements, the risk increases.

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Need to know the latest trends? Need to update your community bank or credit union's technology, but do not know where to start? Give the Copper River Group a call or send us an email. We can assist you on navigating what is necessary for your institution to thrive.

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Accounting Practice

Many community financial institutions struggle with maintaining general and basic accounting practices. The Copper River Group can assist in basic accounting training and support for such areas as General Ledger and Reconcilement, along with assistance in creating and implementing procedures.

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CIO, Ready.....Go!

Designed by your organization… for your organization.

As part of our consulting services, the Copper River Group offers an on-demand Chief Information Officer service that can be tailored to your community bank or credit union. If your organization is in a pinch and needs a Chief Information Officer (CIO) quickly, we can help!

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