EFT Review

Networks, Processors, Gateways. It’s a lot to keep track of. How do you know if you are partnered with the vendor that is best for your bank or credit union? Are you as efficient as you can be? Do you know what you are spending on EFT? Is your EFT network integrated with your core? More often than not, we find an EFT plan is not a priority to community banks or credit unions. If that’s the case, you’re leaving money on the table! We know it’s a lot to manage. We consider ourselves experts in this particular space. Give us a call to day for a free contract review. 

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Interchange Income Review

Your debit card portfolio should NOT be an expense to your community bank or credit union. We can help you optimize interchange income. AKA, make you more money. We analyze your current EFT and debit card set up to find out if you are set up for success. Ask us for a case study. We'd love to share your references! Click to find out more!

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Brand Agreement Review

We will analyze your debit card portfolio to find out your current spend, penetration rate, and how many active debit cards you have on your system. From there, we can determine if processing on Visa to Mastercard or to Discover would be best for your bank or credit union.

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Pinless Debit

Ever go to the POS terminal at a store and you are not prompted for your pin? Do not assume this is processed as a signature transaction! This means it is processed as if you entered your PIN to prove it is in fact you at the POS. Pinless debit also takes away your chargeback rights as a bank of credit union. This is a big deal as far as fraud is concerned. Not to mention you do not receive the benefit of the higher signature interchange income. 

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Case Study

It's OK to be skeptical. We would be too. Ask us for proof! We will gladly share one of our case studies with you. Debit card usage is up, therefore income goes up!

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Vendor Management

We know there's a lot of vendors out there, how do you know which one makes sense for your institution? We know who can make you the most interchange income, save you the most money, and overall be a partner for your community bank or credit union.

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Federal Reserve Interchange Report

Take a look at the Federal Reserve Interchange Study to get started. If you have questions, give us a call. We are here to help.

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