The Rapid Pace of Financial Technology for Banks and Credit Unions

Although each institution is different, they are offering new and different services to their customers. Some of those services include:

  • Deposit checks using smartphones
  • Device-agnostic internet banking products replacing tele-banking
  • Changing core vendors
  • Letting old products decline rather than just removing them completely

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The Shift to Cloud Technology for Financial Institutions

Cloud technology is changing data storage and the way society uses technology. With cloud-based implementation, cloud providers become responsible for services that banks used to control, including:

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Do You Have a Mobile Strategy?

Building a mobile strategy for your bank is different than providing quality customer service. It’s a system of products that can help your customers in multiple ways. To create a mobile strategy, follow these tips:

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The Amazon Effect on Your Community Financial Institution

Amazon has clearly proven they innovate at the speed of light. By learning from the Amazon model, your community banking will gain an edge in servicing your customers.

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Keeping Your Community Bank or Credit Union Competitive

By learning from the success of other community banks and credit unions, you can gain an advantage for your financial institution. Some of the successful strategies include:

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The Copper River Group

The Copper River Group are experts in the financial industry, helping community banks and credit unions with:

  • Consulting Services
  • Bank Technology Consulting
  • Debit and Credit Card Portfolio Profitability
  • Debit Card Brand Agreements
  • On-Demand CIO Services
  • Strategic Contract Negotiations
  • Vendor Management

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