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With over 35 years in the financial industry, Dan M. Fisher has proven himself as a leader in the financial industry holding roles as the former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and former Chairman of the ABA Payment Committee.

Immersion-Based Innovation!

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We will never be the same. From global to local, our economy has experienced an unexpected and sudden interruption.

The Coronavirus is sending shockwaves throughout the world compelling governments, businesses, and individuals to take action that very few were prepared for. To put it mildly, every aspect of our lives has been thrust into uncertainty and upheaval.

It is amazing to me, how quickly we went for normalcy to a molecular redefinition of the what is the new normal, albeit, only temporary, we hope. What has caused us to first react, is now inspiring creative responses to replace that which was here only yesterday.

We are moving at a unbelievable pace to change, transform, reinvent, and confront the effects of the virus in not new, but innovative ways.

Right now, the delivery driver and the take-out window have become mission critical functions, replacing the restaurant dining rooms.

Essential businesses, such as grocery and big box stores, are adding staff from home delivery support to on-line sales. Retail stores have locked their doors but the remain open through call-in order service with curbside delivery.

In the past, we have come up to the line of change and chosen not to cross it because it was inconvenient; now we are being compelled to jump over it due to necessity! Compliance is not an option, you have to do it this way!

What we are witnessing is Immersion-based innovation! Plunged into this crisis, we, as a nation, have accepted the challenge.

Universities, and our K-12 schools are immersed in the designing a virtual-based classroom/content delivery system. It is one thing to have a computer in the classroom, it is another thing when the computer is your classroom. This is a dimensional transformation. Zoom, the virtual conference room, has overnight transformed into a adjective, verb, noun and a expletive. Surprisingly, it is working.

Can this usher in a new form of budget management to reduce costs and improve instructional quality?

Virtual classrooms have become the standard. Can the long-range impact result in the blend of schools being able increase student population without building larger schools by virtue of a blending classrooms and corresponding student scheduling to represent part on campus and part virtual campus? Capacity management 2020! No more Snow Days!

We are now asking serious questions and taking serious actions. Can we really take the plunge and go entirely paperless? Can we have delivery without mail? Can we eliminate conventional delivery concepts and replace them with internet-based programs that are just as good?

Electronic fulfillment in the new age will begin with ordering a part and with your first order, a 3D printer. Turn the printer on, enter the passcode you received via a text message, network enable the device, and your part is there! The first real transporter in your office. Next, a new dimension of tele-medicine.

With the the advent of Social Distancing and Shelter-In-Place, can this crisis take us to the new reality that with the internet and new delivery methods obsolete the tranditional office.

No doubt, the possible is here. The truly integrated virtual network in 2020.  The World Wide Web has instantly evolved into the World Wide Wherever YOU ARE!

Oftentimes, the new will not be accepted or implemented until the old way is taken away.  Well.. ya think!

The global economy, businesses, and individual lifestyles are completely transforming, morphing, and reallocating into a composite that has yet to take shape, but it is changing and at the speed not thought possible.

It is as though creativity and innovation has been unleashed through a combined sense of community, compassion and survival!

Well, here we are, and not by choice.

While change is here and required due to our situation, the concept of interacting with others is still upper most in people’s minds.  A new way of interacting is evolving.  Not long ago, Face Time was really cool! Zoom into Coronavirus 2020 and you have Face-Time, Zoom, and Teams becoming the new face-to-face tool.

Do not be mistaken, the leading edge of this pandemic is tragedy and massive disruption. We did not sign-up for this fight, but our resiliency as a nation conveys that we are not running away from it either.

On the trailing edge of this pandemic, however, will emerge a new and exciting reality of what we can do together: we can confront a foe, visible or not, and win; how we can transform our country, our commerce and our community when we become immersed in innovation.

Looking back when this event passes, we will not believe what we see and what we have accomplished. In the end becomes the beginning and we will never be the same.


The Wombat

Dan Fisher

With over 35 years in the financial industry, Dan M. Fisher has proven himself as a leader in the financial industry holding roles as the former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and former Chairman of the ABA Payment Committee.

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