Dan Fisher
Dan Fisher

With over 35 years in the financial industry, Dan M. Fisher has proven himself as a leader in the financial industry holding roles as the former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and former Chairman of the ABA Payment Committee.

The challenges that Covid-19 presents will not last forever, but some of the things you do during this time may have an impact on your professional situation. So, I have decided to bring back and update a blog we previously published on the topic.

Phrases such as social distancing, remote computing and sheltering-in-place have become synonymous with the Coronavirus. Furthermore, all of us can identify with the increased level of stress that these phrases fail to convey. It is not easy. A great deal is happening around us and we have very little control over it other than to choose to stay away from… you fill in the bank!

So, don’t let this situation get the best of you in a stressful moment and think about the following:



  • The Enter Key is not your friend. Treat it that way.
  • Once you hit the Enter Key and your content is posted, you have lost all control.
  • Anything you post on the Internet will out-live you!
    Note: Your grandkids will think you’re weird, too!
  • The internet does not have an erase key!


  • Never send an email when you are really mad!
  • Never write anything you don’t want someone else to read.
  • Email is not an informal communication system. If you are using the company email system, they own it not you! You have zero privacy rights!
  • Privacy rights do not exist on a corporate email system because it is a corporate asset! If you don’t want the company to know, don’t say it on their system. Things may not turn out for you!
  • Never use “REPLY TO ALL” unless you want to evacuate the building!
  • A poorly thought out email can document your personal thought process! Is that something you want people to know about you?
  • Spell check can save you from yourself.
  • Asking to recall an email, invites everyone to read and share the email you should have never sent! Go ahead, pour gas on the fire!
  • If you send out a bad email and realize it later… FESS-UP! Anything else would just make the mess bigger!


As you are composing an email, first stop and think some of the inspirational things that you have observed, heard, or read. This will help you form a positive context around the email or communication you are preparing to send. 

Some inspiration thoughts for you…

  • Leaders with vision look beyond the obvious.
  • Success does not happen by accident.
  • Dreams are always followed by two things. 1. A Plan 2. Action.

Thinking Ahead

  • If you are expecting everything to work 100% of the time, you’re an optimist, with an incomplete plan.
  • You will find it hard to improve if you don’t work at improving.
  • Getting better means practicing.
  • If you thought more than six inches in front of your face, your nose wouldn’t hurt so much!
  • Plan B is the stand-by plan when Plan A fails. Plan C means that you are truly ready for the unexpected, but all of us missed the Coving Factor!

Social Media

  • Social media means that you can look really stupid at the speed of light! Globally!
  • Always ask yourself one question before you post on social media; Will your great grandchildren understand what you were trying to do or say?
  • The person that reads your social media posting does not truly know why you posted it, only what you posted! Will that be enough?
  • A viral posting on social media can have the same consequences as a real virus!

Humor (in your mind)

  • If you were that funny, you could probably make a career out of it. Try the joke out with a real person face-to-face before you post it. It may help you define the difference between investment and embarrassment.
  • Jokes have to have context to be funny! What were you thinking?

Relationship Building

  • The next time you think you have a great idea… share it with your spouse, partner or significant other for a reality check! You can depend on them being honest with you, particularly if it is a bad idea.
  • Tough talk should be reserved for one-on-one conversations…not one-on-a bazillion!
  • Stubbing your toe may hurt less than putting your foot in your mouth!

What If…

  • Have you ever thought about what you would do if the internet cellular service was not available? We suggest talking to, not texting, the person sitting next to you!


It is hard to see the big picture when our global reality is socially sequestered. We are living in a sci-fi movie today with our perspective being shaped by the virtual aspects of our daily interaction. It is important, however, to keep in mind that the keyboard, our monitors, and big screen TV’s not only stream our entertainment, they are also our gateway to our co-workers, friends and the social media world.

Take a moment to consider that all of us are going where we have not gone before!

Be careful out there!

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Dan Fisher
Dan Fisher

With over 35 years in the financial industry, Dan M. Fisher has proven himself as a leader in the financial industry holding roles as the former director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and former Chairman of the ABA Payment Committee.

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