Do your core vendors have your financial institution stressed? You are not alone.

Bankers are getting tired of being coerced and mistreated by vendors who promised an honest partnership. But some bankers are beginning to conduct competitive bid projects, and are astounded by what is found in the contracts:

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Why do banks and credit unions transition from incumbent core vendors?

Staying with an incumbent vendor is trending down, especially when a FI is frustrated. While each bank has a tipping point, the decline usually starts with a lack of attention from the incumbent vendor.

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Reasons a Financial Institution May Want to Leave Its Vendor

When bankers feel helpless, frustrated, and have grown intolerant of their incumbent vendor, it may be time to leave. Other reasons to get out of a poor vendor relationship include:

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What Can Banks and Credit Unions Do to Fight Against Vendor Poor Practices?

It is management’s responsibility to make decisions that are in the best interests of the financial institution they work for. If vendors are treating them poorly, then those managers can decide to leave that vendor.

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Why technology decisions can save your institution lots on money

Community banks have begun reviewing vendor contracts seriously, not only because of the terms and cost, but also to remain competitive. They are digging deep to understand the trends, the cost, the processes, and the competition. Their reviews include:

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Tips for choosing a new core vendor

When vendors are trying to close a sale, they often make promises that they don’t necessarily intend on keeping. In order to protect your institution, follow these tips:

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The Copper River Group

The Copper River Group is a financial consulting firm helping community banks and credit unions manage their vendor relationships, strategically negotiate contracts, and guide institutions through core conversions. We are experts in the financial industry that teach you our methodology and pass on our expertise throughout each engagement. Contact us today for questions, ask us for references, or check out our blog.

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